Welcome to the North Tasmania Lutheran Parish

I am Pastor Nicholas Kitchen and as you can see I am the pastor of a small and diverse group of Lutheran congregations covering Launceston, Burnie and Devonport.


As Pastor of these congregations I am focused on teaching and preaching as a way of helping God’s people in these places grow in their faith and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am doing this by focusing on helping people to know and to trust God and his Word to us. As Lutherans we often speak of being a ‘Church of the Word’, but often we struggle to live this out. So I work at helping people grow together through God’s Word and the Sacraments.

Each of the congregations is small and each of them is diverse, full of many different people from different ages and backgrounds, yet as a church community we are one body through Jesus. This diversity is one of the strengths that this parish has, as it demonstrates how Jesus brings people together from all walks of life and draws them into a community with him.

Living as committed Christians in this day and age is not always easy, as there are many challenges that we face from the society around us which does not accept Jesus for who he truly is. It is my calling to encourage each of the people God has placed in these communities, so that they may be able to hold on to the true hope that we have through our Lord Jesus. I also focus on encouraging our members to walk in their faith, this often means grappling with hard questions; not knowing all the answers; and sometimes it means going through difficult times. But as we do these things it is my belief that our Lord is with us and is working in us during these times.

So if you are a visitor and would like to join us for worship at any of our congregations, you are most welcome. If you do visit us you will hear clearly about the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ and what this means for us as his children in journeying through this life with him leading us.

Pastor Nicholas Kitchen