Welcome to the North Tasmania Lutheran Parish

Pastor Pastor Sam Modra was installed as pastor for the northern parish on Sunday 28th May. We praise the Lord for him and that He will bless both Pastor Sam, his family, and the parish during his tenure with us.

Posted 4 June 2023

What Lutherans Believe

Please visit this link – Lutheran Church of Australia  – for a comprehensive overview of our faith and practices.

Holy Communion

We believe Holy Communion is a sacred meal for baptised people who trust in Jesus as their only Saviour, are repentant of their sins, and desire to live as God intends. As we eat the bread and drink the wine, we receive the true body and blood of Jesus Christ in a supernatural way through our trust in His words:  “This is my body given for you… This is my blood shed for you.”  (Luke 22:19-20) Through this Holy meal, Jesus grants us forgiveness, healing, new life and salvation to sustain us in faith.

If, together with us, you also trust these things (and are already receiving Holy Communion at your own church), you’re welcome to participate in this meal. If you have any questions about attending the Lord’s Supper, please see the pastor afterwards. 

In observing Christ’s command to love one another, we’re to treat one other with respect and dignity. In honouring people, we’re also fulfilling our responsibility under the law of the land. The LCA is committed to implementing processes to ensure the church is a safe place.